Driver Training Inc Hybrid Sonata 2012, Sponsored by Moon Dog Pizza, Bellas and EM Collision

Driver Training Inc Hybrid Sonata 2012, sponsored by Moon Dog Pizza, Bellas and EM Collision


     DTI maintains a friendly and comfortable learning environment not just in our “green” vehicles, but also in the driver education classroom.

    Our main office at I-81 Exit 5 in Bristol, Virginia is a 1,100-square-foot has room for teaching 42 students in comfort with the latest technology. Located in a modern strip mall, parking is not an issue, in fact there’s plenty of room to practice parking!

     DTI is proud to be a leader in the ecology movement for environmentally friendly vehicles, and we’ve taken advantage of the latest technology.  Our recent purchase of three 2012 hybrid Hyundai Sonatas and 2012 Chevy Volt shows our commitment to not just safe vehicles, but to fuel efficiency and environmentally clean emissions.

     The fleet of training vehicles are decaled in bright safety colors with the appropriate markings to identify “Student Driver.”  Also on the vehicles are sponsorship decals of businesses that support student driving and the environment.  All the training vehicles are equipped with dual mirrors, dual braking systems and emergency equipment–and of course the most extensive insurance coverage available.

    We also maintain a separate office with administrative staff taking care of the student paperwork and details of doing business.  Our entire staff meet frequently to review up-to-date changes in driving laws, and to study new educational materials.

    Parents and students are welcome to stop by and check out the DTI facilities in Bristol, Virginia, and take home a brochure or two from our constantly updated library of information supplied by the Department of Motor Vehicles.  We cordially welcome all–no matter what age or nationality they may be, or the reason they may need our services. Stop by today and say hi!