1. Someone cutting you off
2. When someone nearly changes lanes into you
3. When you see someone texting and driving
4. When someone doesn’t use their indicator/ signal
5. A pedestrian stepping into the road without looking
6. When someone leaves their high beams on
7. Someone driving too slowly in front of you
8. When people park over two spaces
9. When someone doesn’t thank you for waiting for them
10. When someone stays in the middle lane of the interstate
11. Getting stuck behind a tractor
12. When someone beeps at you
13. When a cyclist runs a red light
14. When a truck slowly overtakes another one, causing a tailback
15. When you get flashed by a speed camera
16. When you’re stuck in traffic
17. Getting stuck behind a cyclist
18. Running late
19. Being stuck in a traffic jam
20. When someone passes you on the right on the interstate
21. Someone speeding past you
22. Getting stuck behind a truck
23. When someone takes too long to park
24. When people ‘rubberneck’ at traffic accidents
25. One of your passengers is ‘backseat driving’
26. Getting stuck behind a bus
27. Getting stuck behind a “wide load” vehicle
28. Hitting a red light
29. Having to slow down for speed bumps
30. Being held up by an accident up ahead