Daylight Saving Time Ends November 3rd

We set our clocks back one hour on November 3rd. As the sun rises later and sets earlier, darkness and glare can impair a driver’s vision. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable during this time.

Pedestrians to:

  • Be visible. Wear bright or reflective clothing. Carry a flashlight.
  • Be predictable. Always cross at a crosswalk. Follow the rules of the road.
Halloween is an Opportunity to Teach Pedestrian Safety

Halloween is an opportunity to teach children about traffic safety. Explain to them why they will wear reflective clothing as part of their costumes and the importance of carrying a flashlight. Set a good example. Walk with your children or have them walk with a group led by an adult.

Drivers should avoid neighborhoods during peak trick-or-treating times. Always buckle-up, avoid distractions, and plan ahead for a safe ride home after a Halloween celebration.