Driver Training Inc. is a vendor for Driver Improvement and Manual Course in the state of Virginia. Our curriculum is user friendly with the latest up-to-date information including laws, rules and regulations regarding traffic.

We are the most affordable Driver Improvement and Manual Course provider in Virginia. Driver Training Inc. offers quality service and information in a professional clinic. Our establishment is open to all US motorists.

Driver Training Inc. believes motorist regulations are changing at a rapid pace, and we are poised to provide information regarding motor vehicle regulations every six months through Dropbox.

Ticket holders and DMV violators dread going to Driver Improvement classes. At Driver Training Inc. we are able to say with certainty, many vendor programs can be pricey and lack the knowledge to adequately prepare instructors and drivers. It’s time we raised the bar on driver improvement and training education and it’s reputation. Driver Training Inc. will certify you to teach Driver Improvement in the state of Virginia for a minimum of three years. With a curriculum that addresses every driving experience, you will be prepared to keep your student engaged and informed.

We are also certified as a vendor for the 8 hour Manual Course, a course for clients who have failed three times.

By the year 2020, it is predicted that there will be more than 40 million licensed drivers aged 65 and older. Driver Training Inc. is committed to keeping older drivers on the road for as long as safely possible. We also pledge to support the freedom of mobility beyond their driving years.

Driver Training Inc. is not an ordinary Driver Improvement or Manual Course curriculum vendor. We are also a private driver education, escort vehicle certification, re-examination, driver rehabilitation, CDL prep and boating school. We take all areas of mobility seriously.

Our mission at Driver Training Inc. is to produce a significant and continuous reduction in traffic crashes, injuries and deaths. This will be done in the communities targeted by our efforts through education and training. We invite you to use our curriculum for your Driver Improvement and Manual Course certification. Together, we can change the way we think and learn about transportation and mobility.



Susan Walling, Owner

Susan Walling

Susan Walling