Virginia DMV Approved Driving Classes

Driver Training, Inc. offers Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles approved driving instruction for Escort Vehicle Driver Certification, Manual Course, RE-Examination, Driver Education in the classroom, and behind-the-wheel, in addition to Driver Improvement classes that meet the Court and DMV of Virginia requirements.




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– We teach more than the typical driver’s ed stuff. We teach real life situations.

– We work hard to reduce the likelihood of ever facing a fatal collision.

– We defuse over-confident drivers and simultaneously help insecure drivers gain confidence.

– We help students gain respect for the driving task.

– We increase parents’ comfort level with their student’s driving.

– We help students learn their limitations of both the vehicle and themselves.


Driving Tips

Driving Tip of the Day

Pedestrian Safety

More than 170,000 pedestrians are injured walking along roads each year, and more than 4,700 died in 2006. Safety: Walk on the sidewalk. If there is none, walk facing oncoming traffic. To be more visible to drivers: Wear light-colored clothing and reflective accessories at night, and stay clear of obstacles such as parked cars and […]

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Latest News

  • This Study Revealed The Staggering Potential Of Self-Driving Cars

    New York City commuters spend an average of 59 hours a year stuck in traffic, costing them an extra $1,281 annually. In a study that came out in January 2013, researchers at The Earth Institute at Columbia University proposed a scheme that could alleviate much of that congestion by replacing New York’s fleet of 13,000 yellow cabs […]
  • Britain Is Finally Set To Unleash Driverless Cars On Its Public Roads

    Google Self-Driving
    British Business Secretary Vince Cable has announced plans for driverless cars to hit the country’s roads as early as January of next year. “Today’s announcement will see driverless cars take to our streets in less than six months, putting us at the forefront of this transformational technology and opening up new opportunities for our economy […]
  • Google’s Self-Driving Cars Won’t Work In Heavy Rain Or On Most Roads

    Google   It seems that Google may be facing a bumpier ride with self-driving cars than initially expected. An MIT Technology Review report released last week said that the cars rely so much on maps and detailed data that they can’t drive themselves around 99% of the USA. It’s not a promising outlook for Google’s new project. […]
  • Fourth Grader Thwarts Carjacking In Texas

    Youngster hailed as a hero after calling for help   |  By: AOL Autos Staff 0  Last week a 9-year-old boy in Houston, Texas, saved himself and several other kids from a car-jacking criminal by calling 911. Alex Veasley, 9, was on his way home in an after-school shuttle with five other children, News 4 reported. The driver left […]
  • L.A. Cop Will Not Be Charged In Distracted Driving Death

    Country Road And Wheat Fields
    This is absolutely horrific. Police officer or not, any human being should have their eyes completely on the road at all times. Even taking just a split second to view anything, including an on-board computer, can have a terrible outcome, as shown in this article. Another mans life was taken due to severe negligence. Just […]
  • How Teen Driver Gender Is Linked To Crash Type

    Young women and men crash in different ways and at different times   |  By: AOL Autos Staff 1 Comment A new study from Kansas State University found that young men and women crash their cars at different times and in different ways.Researchers combed through data from the Kansas state transportation department’s crash database, which contains more than […]
  • Privately Owned Cars Could Vanish Under Ambitious Helsinki Plan

    Proposal emphasizes carsharing, bikes, mass transit. by Paul A. Eisenstein  With traffic congestion getting worse by the year, amidst growing concerns about the automobile and the environment, a number of cities around the world are taking steps to reduce, or at least limit the growth in, the number of privately owned vehicles on the road. Helsinki, […]
  • Women Taking to Haggling Over New Car Price

    Survey shows women enjoy process more than men. by Michael Strong  The stereotype of a woman being unwilling to haggle with a dealership salesperson thus relying on her husband or some other man to handle the negotiations is going by the wayside. The comfort level of women when it comes to rolling up their sleeves and getting the […]
  • Is It Faster To Weave In And Out Of Traffic Or Stay In One Lane?

    Do not try this experiment at home   |  By: AOL Autos Staff 117 Comment When it comes to driving, there are all plenty of myths in need of busting. The Mythbusters crew have tackled a quite a few of them, such as comparing motorcycles and cars to find the greenest machine and asking that all important question: why don’t cars […]
  • Wall Street Loves This Gadget That’s Bringing The World Closer To Self-Driving Cars — Here’s How It Works

    Mobileye interprets a video stream to warn drivers of impending dangers. Wall Street has collectively decided that a software firm called Mobileye now stands at the vanguard of firms investors should look to to invest in the self-driving car revolution. Mobileye was the largest-ever IPO by an Israeli firm, raising $890 million at a valuation […]