Virginia DMV Approved Driving Classes

Driver Training, Inc. offers Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles approved driving instruction for Escort Vehicle Driver Certification, Manual Course, RE-Examination, Driver Education in the classroom, and behind-the-wheel, in addition to Driver Improvement classes that meet the Court and DMV of Virginia requirements.




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You can find out the latest transportation news, Virginia laws and driver services and Court, DMV requirements.  You can also message us and find out the latest class dates and times.



– We teach more than the typical driver’s ed stuff. We teach real life situations.

– We work hard to reduce the likelihood of ever facing a fatal collision.

– We defuse over-confident drivers and simultaneously help insecure drivers gain confidence.

– We help students gain respect for the driving task.

– We increase parents’ comfort level with their student’s driving.

– We help students learn their limitations of both the vehicle and themselves.


Driving Tips

Driving Tip of the Day

Don’t Eat And Drive?

Drinking (alcoholic beverages at least) and driving are never a good mix. Everyone knows that. But has it ever occurred to you that eating and drinking non-alcoholic beverages while driving can be just as fatal? Think about it, how often have you passed by a fast food’s drive through and eaten your meal while driving? […]

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    Taxis on 7th Avenue at Times Square, New York City
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