Virginia DMV Approved Driving Classes

Driver Training, Inc. offers Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles approved driving instruction for Escort Vehicle Driver Certification, Manual Course, RE-Examination, Driver Education in the classroom, and behind-the-wheel, in addition to Driver Improvement classes that meet the Court and DMV of Virginia requirements.




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You can find out the latest transportation news, Virginia laws and driver services and Court, DMV requirements.  You can also message us and find out the latest class dates and times.



– We teach more than the typical driver’s ed stuff. We teach real life situations.

– We work hard to reduce the likelihood of ever facing a fatal collision.

– We defuse over-confident drivers and simultaneously help insecure drivers gain confidence.

– We help students gain respect for the driving task.

– We increase parents’ comfort level with their student’s driving.

– We help students learn their limitations of both the vehicle and themselves.


Driving Tips

Driving Tip of the Day

The Legality of Driving Barefoot

Our research indicated two facts – 1. There is no specific law restricting the operation of a motor vehicle without shoes in any of the fifty states or the District of Columbia and 2. Every state’s department of public safety has a recommendation that drivers wear shoes, either to avoid reckless driving charges (a very […]

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    D.C. and Massachusetts motorists enjoy the safest driving in the nation (Getty) Motorists in Massachusetts and Washington D.C. can breathe easier on their afternoon commutes today. Their chances of dying in a traffic accident are the lowest in the nation. Drivers in West Virginia, South Carolina and North Dakota, on the other hand, may want to be […]
  • Ram truck owner who stopped lawbreaking teen joyride gets truck repaired for free

    Here is a story that should make you feel a little better about modern society. Bryson Rowley, the concerned man in Utah who put himself in danger to stop an out-of-control, joyriding teen, is getting his damaged pickup fixed free of charge. It all occurred after a kid stole his grandfather’s Hyundai Veloster. As part of a […]
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    Join us for a white-knuckle ride on 12 of the world's scariest roads that traverse adventurous destinations from Alaska to Afghanistan. By the time you're done, perhaps you'll consider flying. The Death Road, Bolivia: Bolivia's Old Yungas Road is a winding, 40-mile-long stretch that links the high Andean capital city of La Paz to Coroico, 11,500 feet below in the Amazon basin. Even though new construction bypasses one of the most treacherous sections and its steep hills have become a tourist attraction for adventurous mountain bikers, the so-called "Death Road" still kills more than 100 people each year.
    Two accidents caused when motorist let God take the wheel An Indiana woman who ran over a motorcyclist and hit a truck told police she wasn’t at the wheel at the time of the crash. God was. Prionda Hill was driving down Jefferson Boulevard in Fort Wayne, Indiana, when a voice she believed to be […]